why aata pata ?


AP Preschool provides an enriched learning environment that has helped many students get ahead.Founded in 2017, the Preschool is located in Bangalore and reflects the diverse backgrounds and cultures of the area.We’re extremely proud of our students and staff, who are always eager to learn, create and grow together.Give us a call if you need more information.

Happy Environment

Active Learning

Creative Lesson

Play Group

Playgroup is the most exciting yet important phase of your child. The children for the first time come out of the comfort of their parents and start to interact with the environment. During the Playgroup we ensure that a child develops affection towards the school, make new friends, understand student- teacher relationship and most importantly know that their is a world outside their home. During Playgroup no formal learning process starts in while the learning happens through themes and play activities. We focus a lot on improving the gross muscle development during this age through Montessori mode.

The Playgroup program focuses on the following aspects of a child:




play care

day care

Day care

Keeping in mind the need of working parents, AataPata has developed unique day care facilities for children. The after school hours are full of constructive activities to keep the young one’s engaged all the time. Unlike most of the day care where meals and sleep are the only facilities provided to day care children, we offer a number of activities to the children

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